About Us

Parsrooy is a manufacturer of zinc oxide in Islamic Republic of Iran utilizing the French Process method, we produce zinc oxide from high grade and special high grade zinc metal.

Our state of the art muffle furnaces are designed for high efficiency and consistent output.

While our company and plants are new to the scene, our senior management team is the most experienced in the industry, with a combined experience of over 12 years.   We are not just another marketplace option, our goal is to deliver the best product, service and customer satisfaction.

Parsrooy is now in production of grades designed for the rubber, tire, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil additives, ceramics, electronics, glass, plastics, paint and coatings, tape and adhesives, and fertilizer markets.

Regardless of the industry, we can meet your zinc oxide needs. We have the capability of procuring customized grades of zinc oxides and we ship in a variety of packaging, including custom packaging. With an ultimate plant capacity of 250 MT per month  we can fill your most demanding delivery schedules.